Foreword by the executive Mayor

Executive Mayor   Clr. TS Khoza- Executive Mayor

It is imperative that as we stride towards the 2011/12 financial year we remain mindful of the fact that foremost purpose of the IDP is indeed to map out the core issues that affect our people and to collectively to concur on the manner in which each one those aspirations will be addressed. It is in this context I believe that the IDP has to be construed and applied. In the preceding financial year numerous achievements in Bulk Water infrastructure development were made in a bid to address the critical backlogs on water services that were raised by many of our communities in the IDP. We can report in this regard that the four major water schemes are nearing completion. It is our view that once complete, they will go a long way in addressing the water services backlogs that still appear on our IDP. We can mention in the same vein that whilst we note the progress that has been made, we recognize that more work still lays ahead in terms of addressing all the needs and expectations that our people have entrusted upon us.

In this regard it remains critically important that we remain conscious of the fact that it cannot be business as usual. Our people have waited for so long for the services that they require not to be wealthy but to survive. Accordingly Nkomazi Local Municipality has taken the Turnaround Strategy for local government literally. We have to report in this regard that we structured our proposed Budget and IDP in a manner that will ensure that indeed we turn around our business models consistent with the national guidelines to ensure that we hasten the pace of service delivery in our communities. Our communities must will also in the context of service delivery and the IDP play an important role in ensuring that the infrastructure investments that are made communities by way of the IDP are jealously protected and not vandalized.

We have committed to the turnaround strategy as Nkomazi Municipality and we are very optimistic that with the internal capacity that we have built over the years and the planning tools that we have employed as part of the turnaround strategy, the priorities that our people have made will be addressed consistent with the objectives of the 2014 vision.