Municipal Manager
Nkomazi Municipal Manager

Municipal Manager: MD Ngwenya


The Nkomazi Local Municipality is administratively headed by Mr. MD Ngwenya


Mr. MD Ngwenya has worked for Phumelelani Legal Services as the Managing Director from 1999-2003, he then joined Piet Van Dyk Attorneys until 2008 where he left to open his own firm Dan Ngwenya Attorneys as the Managing Director.  

In June 2012, he was appointed as the Municipal Manager responsible for overseeing the municipality’s administration functions.


Mr. MD Ngwenya holds a Bachelor of LAW (LLB), an advanced Diploma in Labour Law, and an Advanced Diploma in Labour Dispute Resolutions.


Activities in the Municipal Managers Office of the Municipality include the following functional areas:

  1. Risk Management
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Communications
  4. Accounting Officer for the Entire Institution

The functional areas referred to herein above, revolve around the five [5] Key Performance Areas [KPAs] in line with and or as prescribed by contemporary legislation governing local governance, namely:

  1. KPA 1: Serviced delivery, 
  2. KPA 2: Local Economic Development
  3. KPA 3: Financial Management and Viability
  4. KPA 4: Good Governance and Public Participation
  5. KPA 5: Municipal Institutional Development and Transformation