Roads and Storm Water Plan
Nkomazi Water  

The Nkomazi Local Municipality (NLM) is responsible for the planning (in conjunction with Ehlanzeni District Municipality) and implementation of local roads in the area under its jurisdiction. At the inception of the roads planning process, NLM identified the development of a Roads Master Plan (RMP) as one of the strategic projects, and formulated its scope in accordance with the Provincial and National Government requirements, as well as the relevant Integrated Development and Transport Plans. The primary purpose of this report is to present the NLM with a Roads Master Plan to guide the basic planning and development of local and regional roads in the study area.

The following main aspects are related to the road network planning system in this report:

  • Analyses of the current travel patterns in the NLM area
  • Analyses of the provincial and regional road networks influencing the transport and road planning in the study area
  • Consultation process with the officials and other relevant stakeholders
  • Formulation of adequate road hierarchy and roads classification systems
  • Formulation of the proposed roads implementation plan

It should be noted that due to the budget constraints not all the roads were assessed, therefore the study relied significantly technical assessment. The study focused on the low order roads, which are classes 4 and 5 road network. No traffic counts were done, but community engagement provided the team with the prevailing operations i.e. O-D