Sanitation Master Plan
Nkomazi Water Water Nkomazi Municipality

The Nkomazi Local Municipality, in response to the Millennium targets requirements, have prioritised planning for all their sanitation infrastructure provision to cater for all their citizens by the year 2014.

The municipality has resolved in the preparation of a Multi-year Business plan for the implementation of a Rural Sanitation Programme to eradicate all their rural backlogs by the provision of basic levels of sanitation.

This technical report is specifically for villages where sanitation projects have been implemented in the past, but the backlogs were not fully eradicated.

It is planned that the programme will for part of the Nkomazi Local Municipality’s 2008/09 IDP and will implementation will hence commence.

The population to be covered is 11,032 households, which do not have adequate sanitation facilities.

The ISD survey carried out as part of preparing this SPTFS shows these communities to be typically poor rural communities. Not all the households have adequate sanitation facilities.

The implementation of the recommendations made on this SPTFS will be dependent on the outcomes of the groundwater protocol study currently been conducted. But based on observations made from previous sanitation projects, it is assumed that Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) latrines will be provided as a basic level of services, with a proper groundwater monitoring and quality management.

VIP Toilets were constructed in the past with no groundwater problems, so it is safe to assume that the provision of VIPs in these villages will still be acceptable.

Local builders and local communities will be trained to carry out as much of the project work. 205

Good sanitation, health and hygiene practices will be promoted by the programme. Activities to achieve this, will include a programme of house to house visits to follow-up, reinforce and monitor the effect of the health promotion

It is expected that the main construction phases of the programme will be completed in the year 2012, should all the funds required be made available.